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With a focus in competitive business strategy we are daily challenged to find new innovative ways to make our customers more competitive. This is made possible by providing customised solutions, which can be rolled out to support competitive business strategies

Through strategic alliances with specialists and customers, whom achieved excellence in their field, a wide variety of scientifically proved business and marketing solutions can be offered.
The Bluestream team consists of senior consultants covering all functional areas, i.e: marketing, finance, operations, sales, market research and IT.

The constant change in the business environment drives formulation of strategy and new business model development. Strategy is executed through clear focused programs to unlock value. Interventions are tailor made to fit strategic programs. Our interventions consist of a full range of strategy consulting services and products:

Customised solutions, which can be rolled out to support competitive business strategies:

  • Competitive intelligence capacity building
  • Bluestream to Blue Ocean
  • Brand auditing
  • Customer retention and service recovery strategy
  • Key account management - customer retention
  • Market analysis & competitor analysis
  • Change management
  • Value chain integration

Customer Retention and Service Recovery Strategy

In today’s dynamic market, business and consumer markets are becoming more competitive and customers more demanding. In such an environment your company needs to work harder in order to ensure and secure business growth. Building positive and fundamental relationships with your existing and future customers becomes a vital part of your strategy.

The customer research that informs the follow-up strategies and tactics is about building and maintaining these relationships.

  • We can assist businesses in obtaining the latest customer-centric business strategies that will ensure the growth of your existing and new customer base as well as your bottom line
  • Assist to leverage customer satisfaction and loyalty research to improve your customer service levels and loyalty
  • Gain key strategies for ensuring quality customer care for effective customer satisfaction and growth of your business
  • Align all your customer-centric strategies in order to ensure growth and sustainability in your business
  • In the business to business environment the ultimate model to create
    long-term customer relationships is by evaluating the philosophy and strategy of key account Management

Bluestream to Blue Ocean

Determining a compelling value proposition comes from examining your organisation's capabilities and ability to deliver in comparison to the customer and market needs. By answering the questions Bluestream Research can assist to determine what your ‘product’ and unique value is and how it aligns with the needs of your market.

Once you have a solid value proposition in place you have a foundation for follow-up benchmarking and strategy development towards longterm competitiveness and finding new Blue Ocean opportunities. In the Red Ocean, differentiation costs because firms compete with the same best-practice principle. Here, the strategic choices for firms are to pursue either differentiation or low cost. In the reconstructionist world, however, the strategic aim is to create new best-practice rules by breaking the existing value-cost trade-off and thereby creating blue ocean.

The enterprise of the future surpasses the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow it to surprise customers with innovations that make both its customers and its own business more successful.

Transforming a firm's business model to adapt for performance optimization when finding new Blue Ocean opportunities in the dynamic market.

“Business model is nothing else than a representation of how an organisation makes or intend to make money”
  - Alex Osterwalder

Brand Auditing

“The world of marketing has evolved, and today the companies that supply marketing communications and brand strategy are very different. There was a time when ad agencies were also the chief brand builders for their clients. It was called the 20th century. But that era is over and even big and brilliant agencies are no longer qualified to work on brand strategy”
- Niall FitzGerald, CEO Unilever

At Bluestream we understand the importance of the strength of both your internal and external brand.
With our international experience working on some of the biggest brands in the world, including: Richemont, Levi’s, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Stihl, etc. we are well qualified to value your brand as a quantifiable asset and to provide you with the strategy and tools to chart your course to outflank or possibly evade competitive threats.

Do not make the mistake that so many other companies do…do not regard this as a “soft aspect” of your business. It can make or break your business.


As specialists in Competitive Business Strategy we are daily challenged to find new innovative ways to make our customers more competitive...