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Bluestream to Blue Ocean

Determining a compelling value proposition comes from examining your organisation's capabilities, ability to deliver in comparison to the customer and market needs. By answering the questions Bluestream Research can assist to determine what your 'product' and unique value is and how it aligns with the needs of your market.

Once you have a solid value proposition in place you have a foundation for follow-up benchmarking and strategy development towards long-term competitiveness and finding new Blue Ocean opportunities.

In the Red Ocean, differentiation costs because firms compete with the same best-practice principle. Here, the strategic choices for firms are to pursue either differentiation or low cost. In the reconstructionist world, however, the strategic aim is to create new best-practice rules by breaking the existing value-cost trade-off and thereby creating blue ocean.

The enterprise of the future surpasses the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow it to surprise customers with innovations that make both its customers and its own business more successful.

Transforming a firms business model to adapt for performance optimization  when  finding new Blue Ocean opportunities in the dynamic market.

“Business model is nothing else than a representation of how an organisation makes or intend to make money”
- Alex Osterwalder

Many of our Clients often appear under the Top 100 Companies...