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Intermediary satisfaction research, customer satisfaction research, new product and service concept research, intermediary support research, demographic research, key account management research, brand strategy research, competitive intelligence capacity building, innovation input research, future competitiveness strategy, competitor profiling.

As specialists in market research solutions and competitive business strategy, Bluestream Consulting is challenged daily to find new and innovative ways to make their customers more competitive.

Some of our clients count under the top 100 companies listed on the JSE and are progressive organisations who understand the importance of up to date market feedback on the changing needs of their clients.

Accurate market information is the key input factor to future competiveness strategy of a sustainable enterprise and extends well beyond the boundaries of any individual profession, process, horizon or hierarchy.

It is essential to understand and to be in touch with how your client's needs change and also how the company delivers against the expectation of clients. Bluestream is actively involved in the processes of distribution channel optimisation, retention and client retention research.

Flagship Project in Benchmarking in the Insurance Industry
FIA Insurance Awards Benchmark

Bluestream Research is contracted by the FIA (intermediary industry association), a well and widely recognised intermediary satisfaction benchmark and research methodology in the insurance industry.

This benchmark was developed over the past 6 years (Bluestream and the FIA) of the awards existence. The benchmark is recognised by most of the insurance product providers as one of a kind with regards to the sample size, consistency and credibility. The significance and authority of the study in the industry, amongst the FIA members and Insurers alike, is a well known fact.
The main outcomes of the survey could be summarised as follows:
  • Over 6000 responses per annum
  • It covers 9 categories or industry benchmarks
  • Companies measured make use of the feedback to develop competitive strategy
  • Annually we engage and deliver reports to industry players
  • Annual awards ceremony attracts 1000 guests
  • Publicity in main stream newspapers, industry websites, internal newsletters and industry magazines
  • Positive industry reaction stimulates positive competitive behaviour
The main objective of this survey is to nominate the top performing product provider rated on the best Independent intermediary satisfaction in the industry in each of the 9 identified segments. The winners who were rated tops on intermediary satisfaction in the 9 categories are then honoured at the FIA awards annually.

The awards research is of great value to the product suppliers (who are serious about improving their competitive advantage with regards to Intermediary Support).
By now we know that the FIA member participation truly represents the meaning of 12 000 Intermediaries (brokers) – the voice of the FIA intermediary with more than 6000 insurance contracts being rated by more than 10% of the FIA members.


Our philosophy is to enable you to successfully manage change, to answer complex and dynamic challenges while keeping in touch with the future.