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The Bluestream Partners consists of senior people with consulting, research and analysis and Project Management backgrounds, linked to an extended resource of up to 20 people on major projects.

Pieter Aucamp  
Pieter holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA, University of Pretoria 1995); BA Economics (BA, North - West University, 1985) and a Higher Education Diploma (HED, North - West University, 1983

Pieter is focused to investigate ways to make businesses more competitive, while other projects make a contribution to give clients the cutting edge in customer retention and radical innovation. 

He initiated Bluestream 10 years ago, with the key focus to assist clients to improve their future competitiveness.  Over the past 25 years Pieter was involved in both national and international projects.

Helena Erasmus 

Helena is a motivated person with fast, disciplined, analytical, and well organised thinking.  She has both a bachelor degree in psychology with a focus on community mental health and counselling, and a Masters Degree in Research Psychology with specialisation in research consultation.

The title of her Masters dissertation - a qualitative study for which she received a cum laude - was: 
‘An investigation into the needs of emergency medical workers and how these could inform management practices’.

Michelle Middleton 
Michele holds a B.A. Psychology – University of Pretoria, 1986 – 1988, B.A. (Honours) Psychology – University of Pretoria, 1989, M.A. Research Psychology – University of Pretoria, 1990 – 1991, Current studies – PhD (Consulting Psychology). Thesis: The Development of an executive coaching model for organizational change leaders

As a registered Consulting Psychologist and past senior consultant with Accenture, this management generalist brings a wealth of hard and soft skills to any project. Academically highly trained and technically very skilled, has a broad scope of experience in project implementation, change processes and leadership development. Recently contracted as HR Development Manager to the OD and Management Development department of British American Tobacco.

Has successfully facilitated the management of organisational and cultural change, involving; the design, development and implementation of various organisational change programmes; the analysis and diagnosis of problems; and the design and implementation of appropriate solutions and interventions. Project scope has ranged form small, single department projects to ERP projects.

Combines a strong people-orientation with a deep insight into human behaviour. Has clarity of purpose, is goal directed and provides strong, committed and consistent leadership.

George Krause 
George is a qualified social researcher and holds a master's degree in Research Psychology as well as a teaching qualification. As a psychologist, he applied his research skills to understand how primordial images in television commercials are used to persuade viewers to buy the products advertised. He turned this into his dissertation.

He worked both in South Africa and abroad on various studies which include group identity, neuropsychology, on-line spending behaviour and education and advised stakeholders accordingly.

George through his research currently endeavours to improve competitiveness amongst stakeholders within the hotel industry in South Africa.

Dr Marthi Pohl 
Marthi obtained an MSc (Mathematical Statistics) (UP) and a PhD (Operations Research) (UNISA).Her professional career and experience include lecturing, analysis, consulting and training roles. The first sixteen years of her career was as lecturer and consultant in the field of mathematical statistics and financial modelling at the University of Pretoria (3 years) and UNISA (13 years). The next sixteen years were spent in the role of independent specialist covering the areas below. She has also been an invitational speaker at various forums that included GIBS, SAP and IT Web.

Sintechè van der Merwe
Sintechè holds a Masters degree in Sociology (Gender Studies) (University of Pretoria 2012) entitled “White, Afrikaner women in the Financial sector of Gauteng”.  A B.SOC.SCI (Hons) degree with Specialisation in Sociology (University of Pretoria 2009) and a B.SOC.SCI degree with specialisation in Psychology (University of Pretoria 2008). She is currently enrolled at the University of Johannesburg for a PhD degree in Sociology (Gender studies). She is also currently working in the academia Sintechè is focused on promoting equality and fairness in the workplace for all to enjoy. 

Wimpie Jansen van Rensburg
Wimpie Jansen van Rensburg has years of hands on experience in many diverse fields regarding business processes. Wimpie have extensive experience in IT and Finance and Business Systems Consulting and Database Analysis


The Customer is the Focus,
Growth through Innovation,
Respect for People,
Excellence and Professionalism, Integrity,
Value for Money,
Respect for the Environment