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At Bluestream Research our principal focus is to find new and innovative ways to make our customers more competitive through customade Market Research offerings. These offerings include Customer satisfaction research: Intermediary satisfaction research, new product and service concept research, Industry Benchmarking, Industry Association Value Proposition Research. Business Value Proposition Research, demographic research, key account management research, brand strategy research, competitive intelligence capacity building, innovation input research, future competitiveness strategy, competitor profiling.

Over the past 10 years Bluestream was established as a player in the research and consulting arena.

We are on the forefront with the most recent scientifically proved business and marketing solutions

How do companies achieve and create long-term future competitiveness?  

We assist our clients through external and internal Research Projects to inform strategic processes in order to get answers on the key challenges like:

  1. Identifying key differentiators
  2. Customer retention dynamics
  3. Understanding and prioritising customer needs
  4. Developing a new value proposition
  5. Reconfiguring old value propositions for new and existing markets
  6. Determining brand dynamics and value
  7. Research input into Blue Ocean Strategy
  8. Developing organisational and industry benchmarks

“Innovation is rapidly becoming the critical success factor of the twenty-first century. To survive and thrive in the modern business environment requires companies to think differently, to implement breakthrough ideas with rigor and to stand out from their competition – in short to innovate.”
Lindsay Brook, HR Director Nokia

Our practical experience and strong strategic alliances provide us with access to the latest technology, research methodologies and data analysis techniques. We have successfully implemented similar measurement and research developments for other South African organizations. We offer a unique custom-made solution and not the typical off-the-shelf product.

Our philosophy is to enable you to successfully manage change, to answer complex and dynamic challenges while keeping in touch with the future. 

Bluestream has the ability and capacity to facilitate a great variety of research and consulting projects.


  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Intermediate (Broker) satisfaction research
  • Value proposition research
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Innovation input research
  • New product research
  • Intermediary support research
  • Broker satisfaction research
  • Key account management research
  • Individual customer reviews
  • Competitive intelligence capacity building
  • Brand awareness research
  • Industrial market research

What makes us distinctly different?


  • An integrated value chain approach on all work and process
  • Practical business approach applied to work and process
  • Unique research design specifically for the specific industry 
  • Simple, straightforward and understandable result interpretation & presentation
  • Questions to be designed in collaboration with client for validity and reliability
  • Quality assurance done by a unique peer review process

The Team

  • Project management, marketing and research specialists overseeing all projects
  • Industry specialists allocated to projects on a per project basis
  • Functional strategists and mentors with solid industry and functional experience
  • Field coordinators and field workers with both call centre and field research experience

Functional Experience

Our consulting company has extensive experience working with large and small firms, although typical clients include, top 100, or middle market companies. Our team members have been involved as executives and board members of technology venture start-ups, conducting research and assessments used by venture funds and venture capital firms.

Methodologies & Technologies

  • Personal interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Desk research
  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Instrument development
  • Most recent technologies are used

Main Industry Experience

We have done extensive work in the following sectors:

Chemical Industry, Iron and Steel, Ferrochrome, Mining, Banking Sector, Insurance Sector, Paper and Pulp, Petrochemical and Oil, Education and Training, Medical Services, Automotive, Retail Franchise, Tourism and Clothing.


Our practical experience and strong strategic alliances provides us with access to the latest technology...

































Our philosophy is to enable you to successfully manage change, to answer complex and dynamic challenges while keeping in touch with the future.