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Corporate Governance Articles - Compliments CGF Research Institute

27 June 2011 - Directors Beware: There's a new meaning to business rescue

Directors who establish businesses in this haphazard manner ought to be reminded of the fact that there are a number of legal mechanisms that protect the rights of the company...

01 Feb 2010 - Escrow a key component of RM

A key component of risk management.

22 Jan 2010 - Measured continuity is good governance

The King III report on corporate governance has been finalised and is due to be released in March this year and South African business leaders will be compelled to re-evaluate many areas of their businesses, most particularly their governance, risk and compliance operations.

12 Jan 2010 - Technology Escrow-Safeguarding the continuity of business

Even though you may be a diligent and hands-on executive, you might be overlooking a critical aspect of your company's business and inadvertently exposing the company to a high level of operational risk if your company’s core...

27 Nov 2009 - Powering possibilities - Starting with the small things

It can be argued that good governance starts within each individual who takes responsibility for their own actions...

25 Nov 2009 - M&A Being prepared for the roller coaster

As the world economy will continue to have its roller coaster rides - where some people spiral into a state of frenzy and others thrill in ecstasy...

02 Nov 2009 - For the sake of our children and planet earthV2

It is generally understood that the success of a company cannot entirely depend upon one single individual, notwithstanding the fact that an ingenious idea, ultimately leading to the company’s success, may originally have been ‘birthed’ from only one person...

14 Nov 2009 - Poor governance leads to ivory towers

The media is increasingly reporting on the manner in which CEOs are being exposed through their careless leadership qualities...

27 Oct 2009 - PSA CGF Media Release Governance BOK Accessible to Growing Supply Chain

The Proudly South African Campaign and member company CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd’s commitment to the promotion of good governance amongst South African institutions and businesses...

June 2009 - FIA Awards - Who won what and why

The annual FIA awards celebrates those insurers with an exceptional mix of products, service and relationship quality. BY SANDRA JORDAAN


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