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About Us    

"Bluestream is making strategic partnerships fundamental to its overall business model, creating what it calls a “Innovative virtual company."

Bluestream Research

Bluestream Research provides sustainable market research and business development strategies customised to customers’ requirements in order to deliver future competitiveness. Bluestream consists of Bluestream Marketing, Bluestream Consulting and Bluestream Research and is focused to conduct market research (for the past 10 years across various industries). Bluestream Marketing, the BEE and new business development company focus more on market research in the parastatal and government segments. Bluestream Marketing is also tasked to develop new business opportunities for the group.

Consultants in Strategic Market Research and Consulting

At Bluestream we are inspired and intrigued by this very specific challenge. How do companies achieve and create long-term  future competitiveness? “Innovation is rapidly becoming the critical success factor of the twenty-first century.  In order to survive and thrive in the modern business environment companies have to think differently  implementing breakthrough ideas with rigor. It is crucial to beat the competition!

At Bluestream our strategic market research and consulting business services are focused to assist businesses to enhance  their future competitiveness in providing quality market information and strategy input.

A time of crisis is therefore a time of decisions and choices; choices that will position them on the most favourable platforms to jumpstart at a time of new growth. This is the true art of management:  to steer through difficult times with the possibilities of the next phases already on the radar.

Director of Nokia: "Since the new millennium three major trends have emerged with regards to pressure on capacity building for competitiveness"

  • Maintaining competitiveness has become a relentless drive towards efficiency and effectiveness
  • Companies face increasing expectations from their customers and stakeholders
  • Globalisation: no matter how big you are competition can come from everywhere

Internal and external Information access is key to survival in the competitive business landscape. In many cases strategy is developed without updated and accurate market information on fast changing customer and competitor feedback. This can create a definite blind spot in strategic analysis.

More dynamic changing global conditions impacting on market conditions change much faster than in the past on a global scale. This challenges the business leaders of today’s successful businesses to make strategic decisions to change direction much more often and in real time.
In the current world economic downturn, companies will have to cut costs to manage budgets. However, the companies that will indeed survive in the longer term future are the ones that understand and interpret the changing conditions not without the necessary market research input, they more accurately can express their strategic intent even in these times of austerity. 

How? By making the right choices, because they can see and interpret the future in limited visibility. I believe that more difficult market conditions create the opportunity for the best companies to do even better if quality decisions and strategies could be crafted and implemented.

I do believe that there will be very competitive companies that will win in this crisis, just like there are animal species that survived changes in climate and habitat. A different ballgame, however, is to win in the current difficult situation of increased scarcity of resources and customers. It is here that true leaders will distinguish themselves from plain performers to be even more competitive in the more favourable conditions that will follow the downturn.



... we are inspired and intrigued by the challenge ...